Special Emphasis Session: Human & Technology Interactions for Health

Session Chair: George Knopf

Session Description

Thursday April 21st, 2022
2:25 - 4:20pm EDT

Oral presentations in the area of Human and Technology Interaction for Health.

Virtual Posters for the following talks will be made available online 

Rudy Barnoette

“A Deep Learning-based Approach for Automatic Knee Bone Segmentation”

Carla Du Toit

“3DUS for Assessment of Synovitis in Basal Thumb Osteoarthritis Patients”

Elyse Rier

“Interactive Segmentation of 3D Bone Models Generated Using 3D Point Clouds”

Andrews Tawiah

“Competency Framework for Advanced Practice Physiotherapy”

Jan Kwan

“Thermo-Responsive Coatings for Treating Infection at Orthopedic Implants”

Nesrine Koubaa

"An Iintelligent Sit Stand Desk to Improve Postural Hygiene of Office Worker"

Parisa Daemi

"Kinematic Model of a Cable-driven Wearable Tremor Suppression Glove"

Samira Vakilli

"Development of Multi-Bundle Virtual Ligaments to Simulate Knee Biomechanic"