CBJC 2020 Conference Program


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Young Investigator Forum

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Thursday June 11th 2020


12:00 pm EDT

Welcome & Introductions


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12:05 pm EDT "Getting Back on Track...in a pandemic" 
Dealing with Setbacks, how to be productive while working remotely, student wellness. 
1:35 pm EDT Health Break - Get up and Stretch!

1:45 pm EDT

"Brain Health & Body Armour" 
Host: Ben Velazquez, renowned corrective specialist
Defining a routine to support you, correct your posture and mechanical position during these times of digital stress. 
2:45 pm EDT Health Break - Get up and Stretch!
2:55 pm EDT "Marketing Yourself"
Marketing yourself and your research using social media and other virtual means. 
 4:45 pm EDT CBJY Wrap Up - Holly Philpott, Chair - CBJY


CBJY Evening Social Event

6:30 pm EDT

Western's Bone and Joint Trainees would like to invite you to join in on some Trivia Fun and Camaraderie. 




Friday June 12, 2020

12:00 pm EDT

Conference Welcome Address

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  Plenary Session A: Phenotyping & Data Registries

12:10 Dr. Jeff Lotz, University of California – San Francisco
"Deep phenotyping chronic back pain patients using the biopsychosocial model."
12:30 Dr. Gilles Boire, University of Sherbrooke
"The quest for biomarkers in rheumatology"

Danielle Whittier

“Open-Source Reference Data for Bone Microarchitecture in Adults Measured using Second-Generation HR-pQCT”


Noémi Dahan-Oliel

“Registry for children with arthrogryposis: Mapping phenotype with genotype”


Jenna Schulz

“Reliability of the KIMRISS for rating bone marrow lesion scores after osteotomy”

1:20-2:50 Virtual Poster Sessions:         


Spine/OA/Basic Science 
Special Emphasis Session:
MSK Imaging Innovations
The Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network
Special Emphasis Session:
MSK Rehab: Wearables & Biomechanics


Health Break - Get up and Stretch!


Special Emphasis Session:  Joint Arthroplasty

Special Emphasis Session: 

The Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network
Special Emphasis Session: 
MSK Rehab: Strategies for Now & the Future


Health Break - Get up and Stretch!


Plenary Session B:  Infection & Inflammation
 4:20 Dr. Bassam A Masri, University of British Columbia
"From Two Stage to One Stage Exchange Arthroplast of the Knee"
4:40 Dr. Christian Hedrich, University of Liverpool, UK
"Chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis (CNO)”

Diane Gregory | Sara Molladavoodi

“Can Inflammation Alter Mechanics of Intervertebral Extracellular Matrix?”


Joanne Tang

“Non-invasive imaging of systemic inflammation in Duchenne muscular dystrophy”


Tina Khazaee

“Characterization of Drug Elution in Orthopaedic Infection using Micro-CT”

Virtual Poster Sessions:

Infection & Inflammation

MSK Imaging Innovations

MSK Rehab Wearables & Biomechanics

MSK Rehab Strategies for Now & the Future

Remote Virtual Technologies & Care


Plenary Keynote: MSK Remote & Virtual Innovations
6:30 Dr. David Hunter, University of Sydney (Australia)
"Remotely Delivered Interventions for Osteoarthritis"
6:50 Day 1 Wrap Up


Saturday June 13, 2020

12:00 pm EDT Conference Day 2 Opens

  Plenary Session C: Social Inequities in Care Delivery, Therapies & Research
12:10 Dr. Cheryle Barnabe, University of Calgary
"Inflammatory Arthritis and Indigenous Populations: Equity-Informed Solutions"
12:30 Dr. Brenna Bath, University of Saskatchewan
"Addressing access inequities for back pain care"

Christina Y. Le

“Understanding quality of life after a youth sport-related knee injury”


Celeste Petrusevski

“Framing physical literacy for adults through a rehabilitation lens”


Margaret Sun

“Association of BMI and Waist Circumference with Knee Arthroplasty Candidacy”

1:20-1:30 Health Break - Get up and Stretch!

Special Emphasis Session:
Spine/OA/Basic Science

Special Emphasis Session:
MSK Remote Virtual Technologies & Care 

2:40-2:45 Health Break - Get up and Stretch!
2:45-3:45 Plenary Session D: Hot Topic: Remote Care
Keynote Speaker
André Picard, Health Columnist - Globe & Mail
"Not So Remote Anymore: Virtual Care is having a moment. But is it here to stay?"
Expert Panel Discussion Q&A
Dr. Tom Appleton, Western University
Major (ret) John Coderre, Patient Advocate
Dr. Stacey Lovo, University of Saskatchewan
Dr. Glen Richardson, Dalhousie University
Ms. Sarah Schwartz, Patient Advocate

Award Presentations
Formal Closing Remarks from the CBJC & CBYIF
Dan Langohr & Michele Battie, Co-Chairs 2020 CBJC
Holly Philpott, Chair 2020 CBJY