CBJC 2022 Conference Program

April 21st 2022

12:00 pm EDT

Conference Welcome Address - Dr. Trevor Birmingham (BJI & MSKRN)

Land Acknowledgement   - Marie Tyler (Bone and Joint Institute)  

Access to the live program will be provided directly to all registrants

12:05- 12:45pm EDT

Keynote Address: Human & Technology interaction for Health
(Chair: George Knopf)

Dr. Rita Orji - Dalhousie University

"Persuasive Technology for Health & Wellness"

Session Details Here

12:45–2:15pm EDT

Plenary Session A: Inflammation & Autoimmune Diseases
(Chair: Antoine Dufour CoChair: Holly Philpott)

Session Details Here


Christopher Overall – University of British Columbia
"Control of  ECM homeostasis health and inflammatory disease by MMP cleavage of non-Matrix substrates”


Zachary Koudys
“Autoradiographic Measurement of [18F]FEPPA Uptake in Knee Synovial Tissue”


Sofya Ulanova
“T Cell Reponses to Homocitrulline in a Mouse Model Of Rheumatoid Arthritis”


Kabriya Thavaratnam
“Single nuclei RNA-sequencing identifies cell populations in OA synovium”


Carl Blobel – HSS/Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY
“The emerging role of iRhom2 and ADAM17 biology in inflammatory disease”

2:15–2:25pm EDT


2:25-3:15pm EDT

Concurrent Special Emphasis Sessions


Special Emphasis Session:
Basic Science for MSK
(Chair: Antoine Dufour CoChair: Shahnaz Taleb)

Special Emphasis Session: 
Human & Technology Interaction for Health
(Chair: George Knopf CoChair: Gregory Spangenberg)


Taylor Bader
“Do Changes in Degenerated Intervertebral Discs Result in Spinal Deformity?”

Rudy Baronette
“A deep learning-based approach for automatic knee bone segmentation”


Marc-Olivier St-Pierre
“Strains variations within the ilio-femoral ligaments during hip motions”

Carla Du Toit
“3DUS for Assessment of Synovitis in Basal Thumb Osteoarthritis Patients”


Anca Maglaviceanu
“The effects of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on osteoarthritic joint cells”

Elyse Rier
“Interactive Segmentation of 3D Bone Models Generated Using 3D Point Clouds”


Jaspreet Toor
“Citrulline and Homocitrulline Responses in a Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis”

Andrews Tawiah
“Competency framework for advanced practice physiotherapy”




3:15–3:30pm EDT



Armaghan Dabbagh
“Diagnostic accuracy of provocative maneuvers for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome: a systematic review with meta-analysis”

Jan Kwan
“Thermo-Responsive Coatings for Treating Infection at Orthopedic Implants”


Elizabeth Norman
“Provocative Scapholunate Instability Wrist Positioning”

Nesrine Koubaa
“An intelligent sit stand desk to improve postural hygiene of office worker”


Lauren Straatman
“The Exploration of the Relationship between Kinematic Joint Contact and Subchondral Volumetric Bone Mineral Density”

Parisa Daemi
“Kinematic Model of a Cable-driven Wearable Tremor Suppression Glove”


Joseph Umoh
“The Comparison of the Micro-CT Anatomical Measurement of the Cervical (C3 - C7) Vertebral Endplates in Human and Kangaroo”

Samira Vakilli
“Development of Multi-Bundle Virtual Ligaments to Simulate knee Biomechanics”


Discussion & Session Wrap up

Discussion & Session Wrap up

4:20–4:30pm EDT


4:30–5:40pm EDT

Plenary Session B:  Phenotyping, Context, and Design Principles    
(Chair:TBA CoChair TBA)

Session Details Here


Dana Orange  - Rockefeller University and Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, New York

"A personalized approach to rheumatoid arthritis flares"


Rachel Almaw
“Barriers/Strategies to Recruiting Visible Minorities in MSK Health Research”


Tanya Cherppukaran
“Validating a Screening Tool for Identifying Perpetrators of Violence”


Christina Ziebart
“An exercise and education program for adult’s post DRF”


Shahrzad Nematollahi
“Identifying Common Data Elements for an Arthrogryposis registry”

5:40–6:45 pm EDT

Bilingual Live Poster Showcase

6:45 pm EDT

Day 1 Wrap Up

April 22nd 2022

11:50 am EDT

Conference Day 2 Opens

12:00pm– 1:30pm EDT

Plenary Session C:  Juvenile Arthritis, Care, & Transitions    
(Chair: Sarah Schwartz/Erkan Demirkaya)

Session Details Here


Dr. Angelo Ravelli - Scientific Director, Giannina Gaslini Institute, Genoa, Italy

"Recent Advances in The Management of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis"


Dr Evelyn Rozenblyum- pediatric rheumatologist at Sickkids and St Mike's Hospital Toronto

Danielle McCormack- Advanced Practice Physiotherapist at The Arthritis Society, 

Dr Natasha Gakhal- adult rheumatologist at Women's College Hospital

"Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care for Juvenile Arthritis"


Q&A Session


JIA Patient Partner/Community Round Table Discussion

Session Details Here

Special Emphasis Session: 
Basic Science for MSK - Bone

(Chair: Derek Pamukoff)


Round table discussion

Sydney Hitchon
“Effect of Porous Shoulder Implant Stems in Different Bone Densities”


Aishik Chakraborty
“Nanoparticle-infused tough natural polymeric scaffold for bone regeneration”


Shruthi Polla Ravi
“Cell-Derived Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery for Bone Repair Applications”


Session Wrap up

Discussion & Session Wrap up

2:15 – 2:30pm EDT


2:30-3:50pm EDT

Plenary Session D: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 
(Chair Derek Pamukoff CoChair: Christina Ziebart)

Session Details Here


Brian Pietrosimone - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Walk this Way: How Gait Biomechanics Impact Outcomes Following ACL Injury and Treatment Options”


Irene Davis, University of South Florida
"Movement Matters: Gait Retraining for Patellofemoral Pain"


Jenna Schulz
“Changes In Biological Markers Of Knee Inflammation After High Tibial Osteotomy”


Harry Battersby
“Influence of sex on gait and cartilage thickness after ACL reconstruction”


Jacquelyn Maciukiewicz
“Strengthening Improves Muscle Capacity Utilization in Women with Painful Knee Osteoarthritis”

4:00 pm EDT

Final Thoughts and Reflections – CBJC 2022

4:10pm- 4:30 pm. EDT

Award Presentations
Formal Closing Remarks from the CBJC  Planning  Committee




This event has been postponed and will be offered as a post event sesion.

MSK Innovation Factory Panel Session

Join the leads of this exciting initiative, Drs Joy MacDermid and Trevor Birmingham, Western University Bone and Joint Institute, for an virutal panel session on "MSK Innovation Factory"; co-creation of technology-enabled interventions for MSK health. Dr. MacDermid will introduce the MSK Innovation Factory initiative at Western University and its key concepts, followed by a series of presentations from MSK health researchers on their projects in development and a virtual panel discussion.

This event has been postponed and will be offered as a post event sesion. 

Workshop: Osteoarthritis National Cohort

Join us as we explore current challenges of Osteoarthritis. Featuring a presentation by Dr. Steve Boyd - Director of the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, University of Calgary, this workshop will explore the Osteoarthritis National Cohort, the data surrounding this disease, along with its challenges, opportunities and future priorities.