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Western's Bone and Joint Institute

  • Western's Bone and Joint Institute (BJI) launched in March 2015 and is now one of Canada’s leading MSK research organizations. Its mission is to catalyze transdisciplinary MSK research, innovation, collaboration, education and knowledge translation using a complex adaptive research environment that brings together experts in basic biological and biomedical; physical sciences and engineering; clinical health services; and community and population health. The BJI environment supports over 300 members (faculty and trainees) across 5 Faculties and 32 departments as they strive to produce high-impact breakthroughs in primary objective areas: 1) understanding bone and joint diseases; 2) innovating in diagnosis and evaluation; 3) developing and evaluating new therapies; and 4) influencing key knowledge users. 
  • Contact: Western's BJI

CaNMoR (Canadian Network for Mobilty Research)

  • The Canadian Network for Mobility Research (CaNMoR) is a self-assembled musculoskeletal (MSK) consortium that serves as a mechanism to solidify relationships, foster new partnerships, increase awareness of strengths, identify synergies, and recognize collaborative opportunities among MSK leading groups across Canada. CaNMoR's mission is to bring researchers and partners together to identify priority areas and opportuntities as well as support actions that will generate solutions to improve the health of Canadians, through the prevention and management ofmusculoskeletal conditions.
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Canadian MSK Rehabilitaiton Research Network

  • The Canadian MSK Rehabilitation Research Network is an inclusive national network comprised of over 140 researchers, 40+ trainees and 20 partner groups across Canada. Thanks to investment from CIHR-IMHA in 2016 and again in 2019 the MSK Rehab Research Network brings together researchers, collaborators and partner groups to mitigate the MSK burden in Canada.  With secured funding through 2026, we continue to create innovative funding and learning opportunities for trainees and research platforms that allow us to share clinical and biomechanical data nationally. We are leveraging new wearable and web technologies to create novel, accessible rehab applications and test their effectiveness to achieve pain-free mobility and work participation.
  • Contact: Joy MacDermid